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1. Location
St John’s Village is not a retirement village. It is a lifestyle village offering a choice of lifestyles.
Would you like to live alongside fellow Retirees? The Arboretum, exclusively for the Over 55s, may suit you. Or do you prefer a multi-generational family lifestyle? The Vineyards, The Tail, the Dam & Wetlands are“pocket villages” open to all ages.

2. Size
450sqm of land may suit you, particularly if you are downsizing.
If you are a keen gardener, or have a young family, a larger plot of land, between 700 and 1000+sqm along the dam or wetland may be ideal.

3. Costs
The selling price of the vacant plot of land is only one portion of the total cost involved when buying vacant land.

At St John’s Village, when you buy land directly from the Developers the purchase price includes VAT. You won’t be paying SARS transfer duty but there are transfer & registration costs to be paid.

There is also a Levy Stabilisation Fund into which each owner contributes 1% of the purchase price at the time of purchase.

For a mortgage bond on vacant land, a bank will require a cash deposit of between 30% & 50% of the purchase price. And, we often forget, banks charge a fee for the raising the bond. And then there are the monthly interest charges.

Monthly Estate levies and municipal rates on vacant land are payable from the date of registration of transfer.

And then, of course, building costs need to be budgeted for. Check out our guide on budgeting to build on the website.

email : Sales Office : 033 0320590


4. Lifestyle
Analyse your current lifestyle. And plan your future lifestyle. Are your plans budget and age appropriate?

5. Orientation
Orientation plays a vital role in the positioning of your building. By making optimum use of seasonal
variations in the sun's path and prevailing wind patterns you can increase the energy efficiency of your home, thereby making it more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run. Is there any particular direction you would like your house to face? Or do you value view over orientation?

6. Gradient
Vacant plots can vary in gradient from dead level to steeply sloping. Gradient can impact on the cost of building and 
on one’s lifestyle. Remember, it is difficult to build one level home on a sloping site

7. Building
When it comes to building there are a number of decisions to make...from the Architect and Builder right down to the final cost of finishing items. Don’t forget to budget for those “after completion” costs such asadditional paving and grass.

8. Access
Think about daily access into and out of the Estate and access onto the vacant plot you intend to buy. Do you want to be close to the gatehouse for convenience or further away for added privacy. Is easy access into your driveway important or are you willing to sacrifice a level driveway for a view?

9. Security
Today good security is paramount. Ask about the level and quality of security offered and the cost of security to the homeowner. Have there been any security breaches? Will additional home security be required?

10. Re-sale possibilities
Is it silly to think about re-sale possibilities before you have even purchased a site? 
We don’t think so.You will be making a considerable financial investment. Consider the implications of the building period. Are property sales in the Estate brisk? Ask about re-sales and the reasons for re-selling.
If there is a sudden life changing event will it be easy to re-sell the site?

Lucy Blackman and Gerard Robinson at St John’s Village Real Estate are on site every day from
9am to 4pm to offer you expert assistance . They have 
sold more than 150 vacant sites at St John’s Villageand are happy to share their specialist knowledge and vast experience with you.

Lucy Blackman – 082 547 8798 – Robinson – 085 552 8622 –

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